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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

As enthusiastic golfers, we have been on the most beautiful golf courses in the world for 20 years. Like countless golfers, it has happened to us that the flow of a round of golf was spoiled by a painful bump on the golf cart roof.

The decisive factor for the development of our Head Pro head protection was the serious injury of a flight partner during a golf tournament.

While getting into the golf cart, he hit his head so hard on the cart roof that he suffered a severely bleeding laceration.

Fortunately, a doctor was in his flight and provided first aid. Thus the bleeding could be stopped and worse could be avoided !

This accident concerned us so much that we were looking for a solution to make golfing safer in the future. As a result, we developed our Head Pro, as a worldwide unique head protection, for various golf cart models. As an additional benefit we created the possibility to customize the Head Pro e.g. own lettering, logos etc.

The response to HEAD PRO is overwhelming and all previous users are enthusiastic about HEAD PRO.

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