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About the Head Pro


Today we are pleased to introduce the patented head protection for golf carts.

Head Pro is a head protection that attaches to the roof of golf carts with just one click. In addition to the protective function, your design or advertising can be printed on it


The advantages

  • the ideal head protection for golfers

  • made of soft UV and weather resistant material

  • Individual advertising print (already from one set) for companies, as well as marketing possibilities for golf clubs

Just one Click:

Attach, replace or take away with just one click.

Additional benefit:

  • Ideal advertising space at eye level:

  • On average, a golf player has up to 150 eye contacts with a golf cart during a round of golf!

  • The golf carts are constantly in view

  • The advertising space enjoys constant attention everywhere

  • The optimal advertising space without wastage!

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