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What is Head Pro?

Head Pro - the world novelty - is a head protection that is attached to the roof of golf carts. In addition to the protective function, your design or advertising can be printed on it.

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Why did we develop the HeadPro and test it successfully on golf courses?
Almost every golfer knows the situation when getting into the golf cart: not paying attention and hitting his head. Starting from bleeding wounds up to severe injuries!


What is our concern?
To enable all golfers to get into golf carts without risk and thus without pain.
Enjoy your day on the golf course!


What is the HeadPro:
The HeadPro is a specially designed head protector with optimal advertising space.
Patented in Germany and the USA.


Frank Adamowicz

“It is always impressive how simple good ideas are and how useful they can be; on the one hand very helpful against minor injuries and on the other hand very interesting for many GCs to further improve marketing. So I fully support this idea. "

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Winfried Rothermel

“As the owner of a print shop, I like the idea of finally having a good place for advertising on the golf cart. The players are protected and can concentrate on their game. "

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For general inquiries or feedback, please contact us.

Lindberghstr. 4, 64625 Bensheim, Germany

+49 6251 985170

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